Nonfiction Books

Boy One

It is 1981. Jaap, a Dutch teenager, is a boy taking his first steps towards becoming a man. He’s reclusive, a wallflower with a handsome face and curly blond hair. He loves playing tennis and plays drums for a student rock band.

He is attracted to men and afraid of desires that he has not acted upon. By fortuitous accident, the Dutch teen meets Briton John D. Stamford, and his life changes. Stamford is the excentric middle-aged editor of Spartacus International Gay Guide, the crucial book for gay male travelers. It listed both welcoming destinations and countries that carried strict penalties ...

Dog Gone

DOG GONE is for anyone who loves cats and dogs; is okay with gay/MM content and May-December relationships; wants to know what it’s like to live in Spain; can handle cancer and grief; is not afraid of spirituality.

Jort and his lover Panda, and all their pets, move to their dream house on a Spanish mountaintop. For many years, the two men welcome sweet invasions, a coming and going of family and friends. Then, Panda falls ill and dies. It’s the second time that Jort has lost a partner. Left alone with their pets, can he learn to breathe life, once again, into their Spanish paradise?

Against this...